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Lazy Loader Express Model

Introducing the all new Lazy-Loader Express, designed and constructed for the utmost in delivery efficiency. The Lazy-Loader Express offers a flexible configuration, an innovative way to deliver almost anything including bread, potato chips, cookies, snacks, parcel packages, and various other goods. It's also very adaptable for use as a service platform for the electrical or plumbing industries, etc. Our automated carousel system allows easy access to any cargo and has proven to be the most innovative approach to delivery or service applications. The design allows for up to 8000 lbs. of cargo.

Cargo bins can be easily configured to accommodate almost any size cargo that needs to be delivered or for numerous service applications as well. Our easy open doors allow convenient access to cargo. Shown here in 4' and 8' configurations, the door sizes can be altered to specifications for your desired application.

Each Lazy-Loader unit is totally self contained and does not require a power unit to be attached for operation. These units are powered with electrical and hydraulic controls that make them safe for loading - indoors or out. The Lazy-Loader Express is equipped to be recharged by the towing vehicle or powered by the onboard battery charger that can be run from a standard A/C wall receptacle. In the event of electrical failure while on delivery, the Lazy-Loader also incorporates a convenient jumper cable system that allows the Express to be powered by a third party 12-volt power system.

  • Doors are lockable and watertight providing peace of mind for valuable cargo.
  • Compartments are appropriately lighted to enhance accurate package identification and service access.
  • All controls are housed in an easy access service compartment to allow for maintenance. A master electrical shut off allows for safe maintenance and no chance of power discharge when unit is not in use.
  • Sensors for automatic safety shutdown are intended to insure operator and spectator safety.
  • Future plans include refrigerated models to handle meat, produce, dairy products and other cargo that may require cold storage.
  • The ergonomic loading and unloading height minimizes risk of injury and increases efficiency.
  • The sleek, aerodynamic design can minimize wind drag and lower fuel cost.
  • The wireless remote control allows operators smooth, effortless operation and easy access. All aluminum construction is intended to maximize chassis life and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Each Lazy-Loader unit is equipped with hydraulic landing gear to make coupling and uncoupling the trailer effortless.
  • The front storage compartment allows for additional storage for your benefit. The rear storage area allows adequate space for oversize and surplus cargo. This area is easily accessible by our folding Smart-Step design complete with interior hand rail attachments on both rear sidewalls. The E-Trak fastening system compliments our rear cargo area, allowing tie-downs to be moved to locations adequate to secure cargo. This provides personnel tremendous flexibility when securing loads.
  • Offered in gooseneck, fifth wheel, or mini-fifth wheel configurations, the Lazy-Loader Express offers superb maneuverability.
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Express Saves you Money

How does the Lazy-Loader Express save money?

For years we have been focused on other costs, with little thought given to our costs for delivery and its associated risk. Delivery is a substantial cost for all distributors that participate in customer site delivery. The Lazy Loader Express addresses each of these costs and solves most problems associated with this segment of our businesses.

  • Reduce on the job injuries by minimizing your liability risk associated with unnecessary lifting and stacking of cargo
  • Eliminate unnecessary labor due to constant rearrangement of cargo
  • Expedite time for loading and unloading of cargo as much as 70%
  • Minimize labor by allowing preloading and prestaging of cargo
  • Expand workforce to women and less physically fit, further expand labor market by virtue of the use of electronic controls that appeal to the younger work force
  • Restore integrity to cargo delivery personnel
  • Reduce insurance premiums by minimizing your liability risk associated with unnecessary lifting and stacking of cargo in the delivery business
  • Minimize capital expenditures by better power unit utilization thereby eliminating partially used power units and their associated insurance and operating cost
  • Reduce risk of vehicle exposure at delivery sites due to faster loading and unloading cargo
  • Maximize fuel savings by not being forced to deliver cargo in the order that it was preloaded
  • Quickly be able to inspect load without rearranging as all cargo is exposed when the carousel is rotated

Bottom Line, the Lazy Loader Delivery System will Save You BIG MONEY!

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