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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Lazy-Loader 520 Save Money?

For years we have been focused on the cost to Manufacture withlittle thought given to our cost for delivery and its associated risk. Delivery is a substantial cost for all retreaders, tire distributors, and tire dealers that participate in customer site delivery. Lazy Loader addresses each of these issues and solves most problems associated with this segment of our businesses.

  • Reduce on the job injuries by minimizing your liability risk associated with unnecessary lifting and stacking of tires
  • Eliminate unnecessary labor due to constant rearrangement of tires
  • Expedite time for loading and unloading of tires as much as 70%
  • Minimize labor by allowing preloading and prestaging of tires
  • Expand workforce to women and less physically fit, further expand labor market by virtue of the use of electronic controls that appeal to the younger work force
  • Minimize labor caused by the transport of tires in inclement weather that adds costly additional labor to removing water from tires being received
  • Restore integrity to tire delivery personnel
  • Reduce insurance premiums by minimizing your liability risk associated with unnecessarylifting and stacking of tires
  • Minimize capital expenditures by better power unit utilization thereby eliminating partially used power units and their associated insurance and operating cost
  • Reduce risk of vehicle exposure at delivery sites due to faster loading and unloading of tires
  • Maximize fuel savings by not being forced to deliver in the order that tires have been preloaded
  • Quickly be able to inspect load without restacking or rearranging as all tires are exposed when the doors have been opened
  • Deliver mounted tire and wheel assemblies with ease
  • Optional air compressor on board allows the LL520 to double as a deliverymechanism or to be used as a service platform perfect for on-site fleet tire work

Bottom Line, The Lazy Loader Tire Delivery System will Save You BIG MONEY!

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