Little has changed in the delivery service
Introducing the Lazy Loader Express Delivery System. Patents Pending.

Lazy Loader Applications

Capability of delivery in many applications:

  • Tire delivery
  • Beverage delivery
  • Propane cylinder delivery
  • Food service delivery
  • Package delivery
  • Bottled Water delivery
  • Battery delivery
  • Can be designed for your specific delivery needs


Domestic and International Patents Pending

Why Lazy Loader

  • Current delivery methods make it impossible to search without constant rearrangement of cargo requiring tremendous additional labor and wasting valuable time.
  • Lifting, stacking, and tumbling cargo increases the risk of on the job injuries.
  • Available labor force for manual labor task is now very small.
  • Deliver along the most efficient route as opposed to the way your cargo was loaded.
  • Employee retention for the delivery labor is at an all time low.
  • Current industry standards are very inconsistent and unorganized.
  • We as an industry have a aging sales work force that has the knowledge and the business contacts but can no longer do the physical labor required for delivery.
  • Cargo falling from your vehicle during transport suddenly becomes your worst nightmare.
  • Security for products while stopped on the road has always been a problem with current methods.
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